RCS opens studio in Romania

Since March 2016, RCS Group is represented in Romania by RED CAT STUDIOS ROMANIA. After successfully merging local studios Musitech, Autohton Media and BBS, RCS is now proudly leading the way on the international market through its valuable knowhow.
RCS CEO, Dan Profir, played a key role in the merge. Vlad Blindu – Managing Director of Musitech/Autohton Media/BBS, unveiled the RCS plaque on the frontispiece of the building in Str. Popa Tatu 59, where the studios operate.

RCS unveils new logo concept

RCS unveils new logo concept, designed by Gabor Mezaros and Dan Profir. The theme behind this new concept is “power” – hence the new RCS tag line: “Voice your ideas with power!!!”


RCS members – both on-site and off-site teams – have been invited to give their feedback on the new logo concept.

RED CAT STUDIOS (RCS) is recruiting

RED CAT STUDIOS (RCS) is currently recruiting Voice Actors – males and females – native speakers of ANY LANGUAGE, living in Southampton area (GB), able to attend with ease recording sessions in our local studios.

Recruitment is also open to any Voice-Talent, native speaker of ANY LANGUAGE, living anywhere in the world. The main condition though is to have your own professional quality recording facilities. Please contact us via the Contact form. We will assess both your voice profile and the quality of your recording.

Affordable Audio & Video Localisation in 70+ Languages

We offer affordable Multilingual Communication Solutions in 70+ languages.

– We can accurately translate anything from brochures, product presentations and user manuals to company presentations, corporate videos and e-learning courses.

– We can professionally produce multilingual audio and video for your communication channels in English and other 70+ languages.

– We can help with your exisiting A/V projects by adding multilingual voiceover, subtitles/captions and/or editing A/V material in foreign languages.

Call us today for a free, no obligation quote!