Voice-Talents International (VTI) manages an exclusive team of professionally trained voiceover actors, covering 80+ languages and dialects. This exclusive network of voiceover actors is made both of “on-site” and “off-site” professionals.

On-Site Voice-Talents

Our On-Site Voice-Talents roster is the core of our Treasure Chest!  On-Site Voice-Talents live in the Southampton (GB) area and are available to attend recording sessions in our own studios under very short notice. They have been selected upon the most rigorous criteria in the industry, after a face-to-face interview, followed by an audition in our studios, in presence of a qualified Voice-Coach or Voice-Director. Following their auditions, all talents are invited to an intensive training course over 2 weeks, where their natural voice skills identified in the audition are “polished and chiselled” to become the fine gem our clients are looking for in our “treasure box”.

To promote excellence among our talents, a “3-Star Badge” is awarded to those showcasing not only exceptional voice skills but also a portfolio of outstanding client feedback from past projects. Look for the [***] sign next to their names, on the online Treasure Chest! Highly recommended!

The On-Site Voice-Talents currently represent 91% of our entire pool of talents. This is what makes us so different from our competitors, who only pretend having such “in-house” wealth (in reality, they are coming to us to get the right voices for their projects!)

Off-Site Voice-Talents

Our Off-Site Voice-Talents have their own professional quality recording facilities and have been selected based on our highest criteria of quality and responsiveness.  All of them are professional voice-talents, backed up by many years of experience and excellent customer feedback. To cast a professional Off-Site Voice-Talent, please look for the [PRO] sign next to their names, on the online Treasure Chest!


Voice-Talents International (VTI) is a division of art4art Communication

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